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About Cheetoh Cats

What is a Cheetoh Cat?
The Cheetoh comes from the crossing of specific registered cats from the Ocicat's and specific registered cats from Bengal breeds. The Cheetoh has true jungle linage from the Asian Leopard cat and is a very muscular cat that is athletic, graceful and lithe. The Cheetoh has a stalking, low-shouldered walk that is common both in the Ocicat and the wild jungle cats, but is not typically exhibited in other domestic cats. The spotted and/or rosette spotted appearance with the large eyes and ears, enhances this distinctive wild look. The coat of the Cheetoh, sleek and shiny, is another of its distinguishing attributes. The fur is very short and thick, yet soft and velvety and is quite similar in nature to the fur of the jungle cats.

The Cheetoh incorporates the distinctive spotted coat characteristics from the breed of both the Ocicat and the Bengal breeds. The goal of the Cheetoh breeding program was to create a very intelligent cat that is larger with an extraordinary wild look without adding more wild blood.......but most importantly, an extremely social, docile and gentle natured lap cat that is safe for all family members. See for yourself in our GALLERY.

The Cheetoh, though demonstrating a very fierce wild appearance, is at all times an incredibly social and loving cat, never aloof or showing any tendencies towards aggressive or standoffish behavior. The males exhibit definite maternal characteristics towards kittens and younger cats, never being hostile or antagonistic, a mannerism exclusive to the Ocicat and very rarely seen in other feline breeds. The gentle and mild-mannered temperament is a dependable character trait of the Cheetoh and is safe around children as any other properly cared for domestic cat.

Information courtesy of Jungle Book Farms

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